AnuExports, Started off in 1990 with its head office and warehouse at Agra

Building reputation on timely delivery and top quality products at an excellent value, we introduce ourselves as one of the leading organizations specializing in the manufacture and export of Evergreen Carpets, High Touch Carpets, Emerald Carpets, ghazni carpets, High Twist Woollen Carpets, Hand Knotted Woollen Rugs etc. Quality, service and dependability are the key factors that have propelled our organization from a local one to a global one. Thriving on expertise and knowledge, we have become a name to reckon with in offering carpets with distinctive styles and designs that add an exclusive charm to the ambiance. Supported by our rich history of distinctive styling, unsurpassed service and outstanding value, we have been a long-time supplier of carpeting to the residential and new home markets, and we look forward to many more years of service to our valued customers. We can assure the highest quality products at the best prices – and that equals the greatest value for our customers.

Our monthly production of hand knotted woolen pile carpets are based on a system of giving quality product to the trade through high knotting rugs through minimal production. The business is carried out both in ready stock as well as programmed basis. We always prefer program-based business, but do keep ready stock of qualitative carpets. Apart from our current designs and color combinations, we welcome special designs and color combos from our valued customers and we specialize in developing such rugs to perfection. We generally have a good quantum of ready stock mainly in hand knotted 10/10 and 10/14 qualitative carpets in all the ranges. Our entire product mix is manufactured under a single roof: high quality New Zealand wool is imported, spinning and dyeing of the wool is undertaken in our own state of art spinning and dyeing plants. Designs are sketched in house and weaving is done on over 1000 company owned looms without any mediators in the midst under the strict supervision of the organization managers. The washing process is also entirely undertaken in house and the final touches are again given within the four walls of organization. Therefore, the final product is a result of multi-disciplinary (research, design, manufacturing, marketing and sales) approach.